Empowering Belize’s coastal future: mobilizing readiness for coastal resilience

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The Government of Belize acknowledges the need to access international climate finance to increase the resilience of the coastal zone. The economy of Belize remains a highly open, natural resource and services-based, export economy and it is primarily driven by tourism and agriculture. Two projects have now been approved by the GCF board with a value of USD 529 million and 21 Readiness grants with a value of USD 8 million. Since 2016, Belize has been growing its capacity step by step and access to climate finance with readiness support most notably focusing on capacity building for better coordination across government departments and with fisheries groups and producers’ organizations. In addition, it also benefited from the readiness support in enhancing the national adaptation planning and country programming.

At a glance


Number of Readiness Grants


Belize has received the readiness support in 21 grants since 2016.

USD 0 m

Amount of Readiness financing


Cumulative funding amount of GCF Readiness Support to Belize since 2016.


Stakeholder consultations for Vulnerability and livelihood assessment


A total of 70 attendees were females and 48 were males.


“Enhancing adaptation planning and increasing climate resilience in the coastal zone and fisheries sector of Belize, builds on our national blue economy efforts. It sets the stage to further strengthen institutional governance to better respond to the ever-present challenges of climate change”. 

Ms. Kennedy Carrillo

CEO Ministry of Blue Economy and Civil Aviation, Project Lead Focal Point

Only with the RPSP

Stakeholder engagement

Promotes government and private sector engagement in climate change impact awareness in the coastal zone.

Inclusive gender strategy

Engages women to participate in governance, coordination, and climate change adaptation planning to ensure equal representation.

Better knowledge management

Easily available climate data and information knowledge management in the coastal zone sectors

Journey to climate action with GCF