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Colombia has 8 projects approved by the GCF board with a value of USD 521 million and has 10 funding proposals of USD 3.5 billion in the pipeline, of which 6 projects are at the national level. Since 2018, the country has been actively growing its capacity and enhanced access to climate finance with the readiness support programme in various result areas, most notably focusing on DAE support, country programming, and adaptation planning.

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Number of Readiness Grants


Colombia has received GCF readiness support in 15 grants since 2017.

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Cumulative funding amount of GCF Readiness Support to Colombia, since 2017.

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Total estimated number of beneficiaries from GCF Funded Activities and Readiness projects for Colombia


"The key is how to move from planning to climate action with bankable projects. A new priority in line with the updated national strategy is to formulate projects completely (final FPs) using the "climate finance broker system" to map financial needs and potential investors. Climate finance accelerators that can help (both public and private) entities to have project formulation. Sectoral climate change plans exist."

María del Pilar Restrepo

Climate Finance Leader of Colombia

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Support that is flexible to the needs of a country.


Delivery Partners (DP) and National Designated Authorities (NDA) work in line with national processes and strategies.


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Strategic Adaptation Initiatives


Calculated using progress/completion reports of 15 readiness grants as of Dec-2021.





This workshops covered a variety of topics Including reviewing and supporting the definition of themes and strategic areas for co-financed projects with GCF, presenting proposals to the GCF for funding, raising awareness of Integrated Solid Waste Management and following up on promising projects related, providing training and guidance on implementing Gender Action Plans for climate action. These workshops aimed to target a variety of stakeholders, including sectors, NGOs, private sector representatives, and government officials from medium-sized and large cities.


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