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From Readiness recipient to accredited entity

JS Bank
Concept Note
Direct National Accredited Entities
Funding Proposal
Gender policy
Innovative financial instruments, project structuring and finance
Simplified Approval Process

After receiving accreditation support over an 18-month period as part of a readiness grant worth USD 350,000, the JS Bank became Pakistan’s second accredited entity in February 2019. Since then, the bank has taken a leading role in the Pakistan Distributed Solar Project (SAP024), worth USD 54 million.

At a glance


Project size


Medium is the size classification of the Accredited Entity

B / Intermediation 2



Environmental and social risk category


Fiduciary standard


Fiduciary standards


Only with the RPSP

Access to Technical Expertise

For all readiness recipients.

Wide-ranging Accreditation Support

From workshops to one-on-one guidance.

Innovative Financing

Use all of the GCF’s tools and measures.


Practical, real-world actions and solutions


Solar PV systems

0 kt CO2e

Emissions avoided


Target climate mitigation impact


USD 0 m

Amount of GCF FA Financing