Climate change resilience efforts: from adaptation priorities to significant funding

Adaptation Planning
Capacity building
Knowledge Management
Private sector engagement

Kenya is an emerging economy and is vulnerable to impact of climate change. Agriculture is the second largest composition of its GDP with a share of 34.5%. The government of Kenya views adaptation as its priority response to climate change, and successfully implemented its first national adaptation plan. Kenya has 6 readiness projects approved by the GCF with a value of USD 4.8 million and a total of 17 approved projects with a value of USD 990 million. Since 2015, Kenya has pushed forward its efforts to address the country’s vulnerability to climate change through the readiness support programme, in areas such as capacity strengthening, country programme and direct access entity support.

At a glance


Number of Readiness Grants


Kenya has received the readiness support in 6 grants since 2015

USD 0 m

Amount of Readiness financing


Cumulative funding amount of GCF Readiness Support to Kenya since 2015.


Stakeholders consulted for Vulnerability and livelihood assessment.


18 community groups (720 beneficiaries)


"The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development took the lead role in national project coordination, given the significant focus on agricultural activities in the GCF Readiness Adaptation Planning support for Kenya through FAO. The Ministry successfully enhanced the capacity of counties, particularly community groups in drought-prone areas, regarding Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) concepts and implementation. This endeavor not only cultivated readiness at the national level but also at the county and community levels. We are committed to sustaining these efforts for a more sustainable and resilient future."

Veronica Ndetu

Coordinator Climate Change Unit – MoALD.

Only with the RPSP

Capacity engagement

Providing capacity support for technical staff and stakeholders to enhance climate change adaptation.

Private sector integration

Focused on private sector partners to responded on climate change adaptation issues in their core business/operations.

Strengthened knowledge base

Establishing climate change-training programmes for journalists and all stakeholders to enhance knowledge base

Journey to climate action with GCF