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Fondo Acción has been one of Colombia’s key delivery partners since 2010 through 4 readiness projects worth over USD $3.5 million and 4 of Colombia’s 10 pipeline projects. The entity has significant experience in strengthening capacities on climate change with governmental entities (national and subnational) regarding mitigation, adaptation, and climate finance, in particular REDD+ National Strategy, Low Carbon Development Strategy, National Adaptation Plan, Green Growth Policy, and Climate Finance Strategy.

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Number of Readiness Grants


Fondo Acción has delivered the support of 4 readiness grants since 2018.

USD 0 m

Amount of Readiness Financing


Cumulative funding amount of GCF Readiness Support to Fondo Acción since 2018.

USD 0 m

Total pipeline financing


Cumulative funding amount of GCF Pipeline Financing to Fondo Acción since 2018.


"Readiness support helps countries advance in terms of capacity building, coordination, governance and planning for climate action with a country-driven approach."

Elizabeth Cristina Valenzuela Camacho

Technical Director of Fondo Acción

Only with the RPSP

Advance capacity building

Through a country-driven approach.

Bridge knowledge gaps

Through the development of relevant technical documents.

Strengthen institutional capacities

Through climate policy planning and implementation.


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Strategic Adaptation Initiatives



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